playlist courtesy of The Dr. Demento Show

The Dr. Demento Show #98-19 - May 10, 1998

Special Topic: Mother's Day; 1981

Fast Food - Stevens & Grdnic
Olestra - John Mammoser
Must Have Been Something I Et - Tiny Hill & His Orchestra
Talking Again - Henry Phillips f/ Edie Magoun
Yakety Yak - The Coasters

Demented News With Whimsical Will
My Mother Is A Space Cadet - Dweezil
Mother's Day #3 - John Mammoser
Mother's Day Medley - Blair Freeman

It's Your Birthday And You're Still Stupid - Bob Lyons
Old Hippie Class Reunion - Ray Stevens
My Gran'pappy Don't Smoke No Grass - Al Roberts Jr.

Fly On A Plane - Christine Lavin
PMS Airlines - The Royal Canadian Air Farce
Entering Marion - John Forster
Cyber No-No - Boogerman

The Ronnie Reagan Rag - Dale Gonyea
Yoda (demo) - "Weird Al" Yankovic
Bette Davis Eyes Medley: Bette Davis Eyes - Kim Carnes/Bette Davis Eyes - Jackie DeShannon/Jimmy Durante Nose - Vince Sanchez/Colonel Sanders Thighs - Rotunda/Marty Feldman Eyes - Bruce "Baby Man" Baum
Stop Draggin' My Car Around (demo) - "Weird Al" Yankovic

Rock And Roll Doctor - Travesty, Ltd.
General Hospi-Tale - The Afternoon Delights
Pocket Calculator - Kraftwerk
Bomb In The Mail - Bob Tombasco

#5 Bicycle Seat - Max Splodge
#4 The Biggest Ball Of Twine In Minnesota - "Weird Al" Yankovic

#3 Kenny Was A Kid From South Park - The Great Luke Ski
#2 The Ballad Of William Robinson - Bill Mumy

#1 Me Like Hockey (long version) - The Arrogant Worms
next week: me week (songs with "I" or "Me" in the titles)