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playlist courtesy of The Dr. Demento Show

The Dr. Demento Show #05-39 - September 25, 2005

Special Topic: aliens & UFOs

The Guy Who Doesn't Know Things - Flying Like Wilma
Autumn In New York - Jonathan & Darlene Edwards
The Sweater - Meryn Cadell
Digging Machine - Logan Whitehurst & The Junior Science Club

We Didn't Start The 80s (studio version) - Gordon & Phirm
80's Arcade - Irish Elvis
2600 - Positive Attitude
Augustus Gloop - from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
Demented News With Whimsical Will

Kid In First Class - Flying Like Wilma
Blue Man In A Red State - Bright 'n' Perri
Send The Marines - Tom Lehrer
Louisiana 1927 - Randy Newman

We're Going U F Oing - Jimmy Durante
Aliens Really Stink - UFO Phil
Slime Creatures from Outer Space - "Weird Al" Yankovic

Eight Foot Two, Solid Blue - Allan Sherman
Earth Girls Are Easy - Julie Brown

Two Little Men In A Flying Saucer - Ella Fitzgerald
The Flying Saucer (Part 1) - Buchanan & Goodman
The Flying Saucer (Part 2) - Buchanan & Goodman
Hell, I'd Go - Dan Hicks & His Acoustic Warriors
They're Here - Boots Walker
The Martian Boogie (edited version) - Brownsville Station

#5 A Trip To The Chocolate Factory - Whimsical Will
#4 Missing Him, Missing Limb - Miller

#3 Alone Again - Henry Phillips
#2 Granny And The Kid - Barnes & Barnes

#1 Cows With Guns - Dana Lyons
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