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The Dr. Demento Show #07-15 - April 15, 2007

Special Topic: a special salute to Canada

The Streak - Ray Stevens
Totally Nude - The Wallets
Skullcrusher Mountain - Jonathan Coulton

I Paid My Income Tax Today - Gene Autry
Kiss This! (Hey IRS) - Robert Lund
Here I Am With President Romney - Robert Lund
Lovin' Me - Vinnie Zipperton
Demented News With Whimsical Will

It Takes Who - the great Luke Ski
Hula Girl - Sol Hoopii & His Novelty Quartette
EULA Dancing - Tom Smith

Canadian Idiot - "Weird Al" Yankovic
What Is A Canadian - Bowser & Blue
Quebec Language Police - Royal Canadian Air Farce

Little Toot - MacLean & MacLean
PMS Airlines - The Royal Canadian Air Farce
The Rodeo Song - Showdown

#10 The Smallest Thing Known To Man - Lorne Elliott
#9 Morris The Moose - Lorne Elliott
#8 Army Careers - The Frantics

#7 Take Off (single edit) - Bob & Doug McKenzie
#6 Polka Dot Undies - Bowser & Blue
EXTRA: Working Where The Sun Don't Shine - Bowser & Blue
#5 Carrot Juice Is Murder - The Arrogant Worms

#4 Me Like Hockey - The Arrogant Worms w/ The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra
EXTRA: The Hockey Song - Stompin' Tom Connors
#3 Last Will And Temperament - The Frantics
#2 Bulbous Bouffant - Radio Free Vestibule

#1 Ti Kwan Leep/Boot to the Head - The Frantics
next week: Earth Day and that stuff that covers such a large part of the earth - dirt