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The Dr. Demento Show #07-30 - July 29, 2007

Special Topic: magic (all kinds of magicians and wizards)

The Cockroach That Ate Cincinnati - Rose & The Arrangement
Immigration - Jesse Goldberg
Leave Town - Loose Bruce Kerr
50 Ways To Lose Your Luggage - Robert Lund
Tribbles And Ecstasy - Warp 11

Without You (background/brief excerpt) - Nilsson
Coconut - Nilsson
She Grabbed My Coconuts - Barry & The Bookbinders
Mr. Softee (background/brief excerpt) - Twink
The Addams Family Theme (background/brief excerpt) - M'lumbo
Demented News With Whimsical Will

A Hole In The Bucket - Harry Belafonte & Odetta
The Fly - Axel the Sot
The Parking Lot Strip - John C. Wiseman

Anorexiac - Seamonkey f/ Devo Spice
I Like Bananas Because They Have No Bones - Hoosier Hot Shots
Something's In The Bag - Barnes & Barnes

Quidditch Ball Wizard - Steve Goodie
Dumbledore - Steve Goodie
That Old Black Magic - Spike Jones & His City Slickers
It's Magic - Jonathan & Darlene Edwards

Trick Or Treat - Elvira
I Put A Spell On You - Screamin' Jay Hawkins
Jedi Mind Trick - Ethan Lipton
Genie, The Magic Record (edit) - Peter Lind Hayes

#5 It Takes Who - the great Luke Ski
#4 Transforming Transformers - Whimsical Will

#3 That Calls For A Wilhelm Scream - Possible Oscar
#2 Yoda (demo) - "Weird Al" Yankovic

#1 You've Got Hogwarts - Robert Lund
next week: we set our library on shuffle and let it go crazy (every song picked at random)