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The Dr. Demento Show #18-08 - February 24, 2018

Special Topic: I want / Top Ten

Pinball Wizard - The Portsmouth Sinfonia
Playin' Games - Devo Spice
Dr. Mario (with lyrics) - Brentalfloss
Baby Mario And Papa Yoshi - Brentalfloss
Hello Dere! (excerpts) - Marty Allen & Steve Rossi
Hello, I Must Be Going - Groucho Marx & Margaret Dumont
Hello Mudduh, Hello Fadduh! (A Letter From Camp) (New 1964 Version) - Allan Sherman
Hello D.J. (bleeped version) - Don Bowman
Hello, Michele - Henry Phillips
We Love Barney Fife - Guns N' Moses
Would It Be So Nice - Loose Bruce Kerr
I'm Selling Mom's Urine On eBay - Tommy Womack
Demented News With Whimsical Will
Bagpipes - That's My Bag - Ray Stevens

I Want a New Duck - "Weird Al" Yankovic
I Wanna Be A Dog - Radioactive Chicken Heads
I Wanna Be A Beached Whale (excerpt) - Captain Nemo & Mermaid
I Wanna Be A D.J. (excerpt) - Scott Matthews
I Wanna Be A Flintstone - The Screaming Blue Messiahs

I Wanna Eat A Big Piece Of Cheese - Steve Goodie
I Wanna Fried Pie - Dick Price
Hold Tight (Want Some Sea Food, Mama) - Fats Waller & His Rhythm
I Wanna Eat Your Pudding - Alvis Wayne
Mr. Custer - Ted Knight
No, I Don't Wanna Do Dat - The Happy Schnapps Combo

I Want Your Sox - Iceman
I Want to Marry A Lighthouse Keeper - Erika Eigen
I Wanna Be Loved By You - Helen Kane
I Wanna Be Sedated - Ramones
I Want To Bite Your Hand (edit) - Gene Moss
I Wanna Kiss Her - Tim Cavanagh
I Want My Baby Back - Jimmy Cross

#10 Fluffy - Gloria Balsam
#9 Fish Heads - Osaka Popstar
#8 Disco Boy - Missing Persons
#7 Fluffy - Fred Schneider
#6 Garbageman - William Shatner
#5 The Times They Are A-Changin' - Jimmy Fallon as Bob Dylan
#4 I Like - Colleen Green
#3 Institutionalized - Brak
#2 Beat On The Brat - "Weird Al" Yankovic

#1 One More Minute - "Weird Al" Yankovic
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