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playlist courtesy of The Dr. Demento Show

The Dr. Demento Show - KPPC salads, 1971

NOTE: This is not a playlist from a single show, but some medleys that were used on various shows throughout 1971 for which complete playlists are currently unavailable.
NOTE: The Dr. Demento Show started out as a one-hour segment on Steven Clean's radio show on KPPC. But Dr. Demento would get more oldies requests each week than he could fit into his set, so he started making medleys with portions of various records to satisfy the previous week's requests. He called these medleys "salads". They gave people a "taste" of what they requested. When he moved to KMET this tied in with his tag line "dinner with the Doc" since his segment originally aired around dinnertime.
NOTE: Eventually he got more airtime, and could play requests in full, so started making salads on particular themes, such as the wine, education, and guitar salads below. The other salads are believed to be constructed from listener requests. More salads can be seen in the regular 1971 playlists.
NOTE: By the time his show became 4 hours in 1972, the themed salads had given way to themed sets with complete versions of songs. A decade later, each show started having a special topic with a half hour dedicated to it, which a quarter century later was expanded to an hour. Occasionally special topics take over the whole show, particularly Halloween and Christmas.

Salad (Another Openin'...) - aired January 28, 1971

Salad (Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport...) - probably aired circa February, 1971

Salad (Haunted House...) - aired March 11, 1971

Wine Salad - aired March 11, 1971

Education Salad

Salad (Music Music Music...)

Salad (At The Hop...)

Salad (While I Dream...)

Guitar Montage - December 1971