No complete tape of this show has been found in the Demento Archives. If you have a copy, please let me know!

playlist courtesy of The Dr. Demento Show

The Dr. Demento Show (live on KMET) - July 9, 1978 (6p-10p)

Transfusion - Nervous Norvus
I'm Nuts About Screwy Music (excerpt) - Jimmie Lunceford/Willie Smith
I Live In A Split Level Head - Napoleon XIV

Dueling Tubas - Martin Mull
When Yuba Plays The Rhumba On The Tuba - Rudy Vallee
My Dead Dog Rover - Stu, Dave & Hank & The Aeolian Duo-Art
Eric The Half A Bee - Monty Python

Who Put The Turtle In Myrtle's Girdle - Western Melody Makers
If You're Old Fashioned You're Long Underwear - Arthur Fields
Sex And Drugs And Rock And Roll - Ian Dury
Heartbreak Hotel - Stan Freberg

Seven Words You Can Never Say On Television (intro only, edited) - George Carlin
Elderly Man River - Stan Freberg
You're Breaking My Heart (censored) - Nilsson
Smut - Tom Lehrer
Shish Kabob - Benny Bell
Hold The Mustard - Hudson & Judson

Go Go Pogo - Walt Kelly
Pancho Lopez - Lalo Guerrero

National Brotherhood Week - Tom Lehrer
I Love Me - Mel Blanc
He Ate Too Many Jelly Donuts - Rick Dees & His Cast Of Idiots
Once It Was Herbibiwis - Alan Seidler
Breakfast Conversation #1 - Yin & Yan

Burn Your Bra - Alex Houston & Elmer
She's Goin' Bald - The Beach Boys

There's No Surf In Cleveland - Euclid Beach Band
Tie Me Surfer Board Down Sport - Travelers

Laughing Bassoon - Charles Jolly & Kaye Connor
Molasses, Molasses - Spike Jones
Moustache Song - John Ryan
Cocaine - Dave Van Ronk
Maharajah Of Magador - Vaughn Monroe/Ziggy Talent

Freeze A Yankee - The Folkel Minority
Dear Okie - Doye O'Dell

Cockroaches On Parade - Harry Waller
Talking John Birch Society Blues - Bob Dylan
Westward Ho - Martin Mull
There's A New Sound - Tony Burrello

My Organ Are Calling For You - Ralph Harris/Roger Henderson
I Took My Organ To The Party - Larry Vincent
Why Don't We Do It In The Road - The Beatles
Somebody Stole My Gal - Mel Blanc

Paraquat Blues - Remote Control
Nature's Way (live in London) - Spirit
I Wanna Be A Lifeguard - Capt. Paul & His Seafaring Band
Shootin' Beavers - Tornadoes
Them Dog Kickers - Mason Williams
Click With Dick - anonymous
Skokiaan - Bulawayo Sweet Rhythm Band

#10 Highly Illogical - Leonard Nimoy

#9 King Tut Strut - Incredible Vince
#8 Frosty The Dope Man - Marc Zydiak
EXTRA: Reefer Man - Cab Calloway
#7 C. B. Savage - Rod Hart
anniversary sketch (live in studio) - Radio Free Mime
#6 Dead Puppies - Ogden Edsl Wahalia Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizzario Band
EXTRA: I Am Whale - Ogden Edsl

#5 Sweet Transvestite - Rocky Horror Picture Show
EXTRA: Close Encounters Of The Redneck Kind - Buster Sod
#4 King Tut - Steve Martin

#3 Making Love In A Subaru - Damaskas
#2 The Ballad Of Bilbo Baggins - Leonard Nimoy
#1 Titties And Beer - Frank Zappa
next week: Ruth Wallis will be here