The Dr. Demento Show #81-8 - February 22, 1981

Special Topic: a visit from a very special guest, June Foray

We're Coming To Your House - The Three Stooges
Bang The Moe Slowly - Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre
My Ding-A-Ling - Chuck Berry
I Love Me - Mel Blanc

Meet Me At The Beach - Surf Punks
Drowning In The Surf - Stan Ross
We Will All Go Together When We Go (live) - Tom Lehrer
Happy Birthday - "Weird Al" Yankovic

Too Old To Cut The Mustard - Rosemary Clooney & Marlene Dietrich
June Foray interview

June Foray interview continued

Automobile Song - Benny Bell
Sunday Driving - Jerry Lewis
We Are The Chuckleheads - Chuckleheads
The Founding Of Pasadena - Bordyne

Number One - Damaskas
You Can't Do That - Nilsson
Russian Bandstand (1981 update) - Spencer & Spencer
Country Music Is Here To Stay - Simon Crum

#5 They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! (Demented Mix) - Napoleon XIV
#4 Poisoning Pigeons In The Park (orchestral version) - Tom Lehrer

#3 The Martian Boogie (edited version) - Brownsville Station
#2 Cow Patti - Jim Stafford
EXTRA: Hooray, Hooray, I'm Going Away - Beatrice Kay
EXTRA: Parts - Kevyn Dymond

#1 Existential Blues - Tom "T-Bone" Stankus