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The Dr. Demento Show #82-51 - December 19, 1982

Special Topic: my annual Christmas show

The Twelve Gifts Of Christmas - Allan Sherman
Rockabilly Christmas - Johnny Cue

Doo-Wopp Jingle Bells (excerpt) - The Hansen Brothers
Jingle Bells Montage: Swingin' Them Jingle Bells - Fats Waller/Jingle Bells (Laughing All The Way) - St. Nick (Performed by Just For Laughs Players)/Jingle Bells - Don Charles Presents The Singing Dogs Directed by Carl Weismann/Jill-fingle Bell-fells - The Honey Dreamers/Santa Jaws (Part 2) - Homemade Theatre/A Christmas Mudley - Scruff & Hoodat
A Sleighride Party (excerpt) - Haydn Quartet
Yingle Bells - Yogi Yorgesson
I'm Walking Backwards For Christmas - The Goons

Christmas Wrapping - The Waitresses
The Twelve Days Of Christmas montage (Cajun/Hawaiian/Italian) - Jules A. D'Hemecourt IV/Lucky Luck/Joe Dolce
A Daddy's Christmas - Albert Brooks & Little Kristi

"Santa's Predicament" Montage: Poor Ole Santa Claus - Jeri Kelly/Mr. Pilot - Carolyn Binkley/Who Put The Gum In Santa's Whiskers - Little Susie/Santa Caught A Cold On Christmas Eve - Dick & Richard/Santa Got A Sunburn - The Barefoot Man
The Day That Santa Claus Retired - Rose & The Arrangement
I Found The Brains Of Santa Claus - Jason & The Strap-Tones
Christmas Dragnet - Stan Freberg w/ Daws Butler & Orchestra

Santa And The Sidewalk Surfer - The Crossfires
Merry Christmas In The NFL - Willis "The Guard" & Vigorish

Wreck The Halls - The Three Stooges
Sock It To Me Santa - Bob Seger & The Last Heard
Uncle Bernie's Farm - The Mothers Of Invention
There Ain't No Santa Clause - Benny Bell
(Beep) Christmas - Fear

Green Chri$tma$ - Stan Freberg
#5 All I Want For Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth) - Spike Jones & His City Slickers

#4 A Christmas Carol (live) - Tom Lehrer
#3 The Twelve Days Of Christmas - Bob & Doug McKenzie
#2 Santa Claus And His Old Lady - Cheech & Chong

#1 Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer (original version) - Elmo & Patsy
next week: no Christmas stuff at all, review some of the most amazing and amusing things that happened through the years of dementia
in two weeks: the Funny 25