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playlist courtesy of The Dr. Demento Show

The Dr. Demento Show #87-02 - January 11, 1987

Special Topic: Lonnie Donegan

Martian Hop - The Ran-Dells
Polka Party! - "Weird Al" Yankovic
The Elements - Tom Lehrer
Hungarian Goulash - Allan Sherman

Beach Party Vietnam - The Dead Milkmen
Draft Dodger Rag - Phil Ochs
California Kid - The Beat Farmers
It Ain't Easy Being Male - Howie Nave
Hopelessly Heterosexual - Peter Alsop

Beep Beep - The Playmates
Waiting In The Car - Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre
Car Trouble - Rhythm Rats
Flat Tire - The Dell-Vikings
The Little Ford Rambled Right Along - Billy Murray

Yuppie Drone - The Pheromones
Bugs - Crash Coffin & The Official United States Yahoo Funky Punky Jug Band
Some Little Bug Is Going To Find You (Food Song) - Phil Harris

Rock Island Line - The Lonnie Donegan Skiffle Group
My Old Man's A Dust Man - Lonnie Donegan
Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It's Flavor (On The Bedpost Over Night) - Lonnie Donegan & His Skiffle Group
I've Lost My Little Willie - Lonnie Donegan

I Love Chocolate - Chris Wallace
Toothless People - "Weird Al" Yankovic
Timothy - The Buoys

The Cockroach That Ate Cincinnati - Rose & The Arrangement
#5 Let's Blow Up The Tow Truck - Krypton
#4 Hey Bruce - Whimsical Will

#3 Ronnie's Rapp - Ron & The D.C. Crew
EXTRA: Religion And Politics Ya-Ta-Ta! Ya-Ta-Ta! (Dementia Royale version, plus extra bleeps for "son of a bitch" and "bastard") - Scott Beach
#2 Tales From Mother Bruce - Ken Johnson & Jim Tofte
AUDIO TORTURE CHAMBER: Spot Tavern Bar Maid - Buelah

#1 Fish Heads - Barnes & Barnes

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