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The Dr. Demento Show #91-26 - June 30, 1991

Special Topic: all-American; Persian Gulf War
Cow Patti - Jim Stafford
Blood On The Saddle - Tex Ritter
Pick Of The Week: Domino Death - Tom Smith
Wolf Creek Pass - C.W. McCall

Ricky - "Weird Al" Yankovic
Mr. Custer - Larry Verne
A Man Can't Be Too Careful What He Signs These Days (Declaration Of Independence) - Stan Freberg

I Like Beer - Tom T. Hall
Beer Gut - Da Yoopers
Uncle Hiram And The Homemade Beer - Dick Feller
Fun, Fun, Fun - The Capitol Steps

(Memories Of America) Ode To The Little Brown Shack Out Back - Billy Edd Wheeler
I'm A Specialist - Frank Crumit
Uncle Jack Sez Relax - Charles Webb & Tom Bolton

Uneasy Rider - Charlie Daniels
The Haircut Song - Ray Stevens

The Babyl Of New Kuwait - The Pheromones
We're Puttin' Our Lives On The Line (For Good Old Ethyl) - Tom Callinan
Dueling Presidents - Ed Bissot
Mr. Saddam - Beverly Rose & Neil Wolfson
Scudbusters - Loose Bruce Kerr

Hey You - Rumble Bees
No Money Down - Chuck Berry
Stay Demented (edit) - Harry The Hipster
Handsome Harry, The Hipster - Harry (The Hipster) Gibson
#5 We Love Barney Fife - Guns N' Moses
#4 My Dead Dog Rover - Hank, Stu, Dave & Hank

#3 Hello Mudduh, Hello Fadduh! (A Letter from Camp) - Allan Sherman
#2 7-Eleven - Led Slurpee
#1 Kick Ass USA - Milo Tremley

next week: the new baby boom (motherhood and fatherhood); a visit with Big Daddy

[Thanks to Tom McCown for providing this playlist]