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The Dr. Demento Show #93-35 - August 29, 1993

Special Topic: dogs

Don't Pet The Dog - Pinkard & Bowden
White Fang - Soupy Sales
Ya-Hoo Resort - Mr. Elk & Mr. Seal
Serutan Yob (A Song For Backward Boys And Girls Under 40) - Red Ingle & The Unnatural Seven

Let's Blow Up The Tow Truck - Krypton
Light My Fire - The Templeton Twins
Hot Dog Boogie - The Singing Dogs
Little League - Ray Stevens

Demented News With Whimsical Will
Inka Dinka Doo - Jimmy Durante
Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron - The Royal Guardsmen
The Air Battle - Sanford & Herman Hertz

The Rag Rag - The Booger Man (Jason Sachs)
My Son the Vampire - Allan Sherman
I Hate People - Willio & Phillio
(How Much Is) That Hound Dog in the Window - Homer & Jethro

PC - John Kunich
Seven Old Ladies Locked in a Lavatory - Oscar Brand
Biotech Fantasy - Robin Nakkula
B.A.R.F. Construction - Doodoo Wah

Alley Cat (edit) - The Barking & Houndstooth Choral Society
How Come My Dog Don't Bark (When You Come Round) - Lewie Wickham
Rudy Rudy - Harry Jeremy
Freeze Dried Fido - Joe Keefe

Local Swimmers Disrupt Baptism - Dick & Anne Albin
#5 The Happy Dinosaur - Dick Price
EXTRA: Someone Ate the Baby - Shel Silverstein

#4 Psycho - Jack Kittel
#3 My Dead Dog Rover - Hank, Stu, Dave & Hank
#2 A Trip to Jurassic Park - Whimsical Will

#1 The Happy Happy Joy Joy Song - Ren & Stimpy Original TV Soundtrack
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