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playlist courtesy of The Dr. Demento Show

The Dr. Demento Show (live on KSCA) - February 2, 1997 (10p-12m)

NOTE: This was the last Dr. Demento Show broadcast on KSCA. A few days later, it switched to a Mexican format. As was normal at the time, the show was recorded and syndicated to stations around the country three weeks later as 97-08. However, the syndicated version omitted the tribute to Gene Autry (former KSCA owner) before the opening theme, and the extra during the Funny Five, as well as some talking parts specific to Los Angeles listeners.

Birmingham Daddy (excerpt) - Gene Autry [played before opening]
Where Have All The Cowboys Gone? (brief in-studio performance) - Dr. Demento [before opening]
Special Topic: the birds and the bees (and one little old monkey)
Star Wars Cantina - Mark Davis
Freakin' At The Freakers' Ball - Shel Silverstein
Drivin' (live in studio from 11-24-96) - Henry Phillips
Ambrose (Part Five) - Linda Laurie

Eddie's Apartment - Kenny Young & the Eggplants
I'm Not Home Right Now - Cheech & Chong
Demented News With Whimsical Will [compilation from 3-19-95 & 3-26-95]

A Pervert's Life (edit) - Fermisht
Little Billy (live in studio from 1-5-97) - The Foremen
Outside Of A Small Circle Of Friends - Phil Ochs
We Won't Give 'Em Sex - Bianca Bob Miller & Flystrip

Hempcat Lullaby - Scat Schrodinger
Tutti Frutti (excerpt) - Little Richard
Tutti Frutti (excerpt) - Pat Boone
Enter Sandman - Pat Boone

Bird Song (excerpt w/ added sfx) - The Northlanders Of Sweden
The Bees And The Birds - Yogi Yorgesson
Surfin' Bird (altered) - The Trashmen
The Jones Laughing Record (early fade) - Spike Jones & His City Snickers
The Bumblebee Invaded The Nudist Colony - Billy Mitchell
Bird Song (excerpt w/ added sfx) - The Northlanders Of Sweden

The Birds And The Bees - Rowan & Martin
The Funniest Song In The World - Groucho Marx

Stormtroopers Are People Too (edit) - Matt Gourley
#5 Random Drug Testing (early fade) - Cub Koda
#4 The Scotsman - Bryan Bowers

#3 On The Shoulders Of Freaks - Henry Phillips
#2 Dungeons And Dragons - The Dead Alewives
EXTRA: Penis Envy - Uncle Bonsai

#1 Yoda - "Weird Al" Yankovic
next week: The Dr. Demento Show will continue on many other stations around the country, and hopefully we'll be back on another frequency here in Los Angeles real soon