Saturday, June 13, 1998: Evanston, IL

Everyone had a good time at Alcon '98, and I had a good time meeting Gilbert R. LuQue, Jr., a/k/a Good Time Gil. Gil has been working with Dr. Demento for years, and is currently helping out with e-mail sent to the Demento Society. At Alcon, he signed up new Society members, and also brought copies of Dementia Royale and Demento's Mementos (both autographed by Dr. D), which were auctioned off for $21 and $35.50, respectively.

I also met many other people there with whom I'd been corresponding for years over e-mail. Since Mike Hoffman and I were handling the audio aspects of the convention throughout the day, I didn't get as much time to socialize and take pictures as I had hoped. I missed getting pictures with a lot of people, but I did snap a couple of performers who have been on the show a few times.

On the left is Eric Houg, who appears on the show once every four years with his break-in presidential interviews. Here he is lip-synching to "Amish Paradise".

On the right is Chris Mezzolesta, of Zot Theatre and Power Salad fame. He is seen here performing his latest single, "The Chemical Engineering Song."
Also appearing on stage at Alcon were such Demento Show favorites as Sudden Death, Tony Goldmark, & Luke Ski, but alas my camera did not catch pictures of them. However, you can see such pictures at Jon Schwartz's Alcon '98 recap.

Wednesday, May 6, 1998: New Orleans, LA

The two Jef(f)s meet! This is me with Jef Jaisun (of "Friendly Neighborhood Narco Agent" fame), chillin' on the shores of Lake Ponchartrain in the hot city of Nawlins. Missing from this picture is the one pound basket of crawfish that Jef sucked down, while Jeff looked on in amazement.

Monday, February 23, 1998: Bloomington, IN

On this night, one of my favorite Demento artists, Tim Cavanagh, came to Bloomington to play at Bear's Place. Both of his shows that night were sold out. I got to meet him and his wife before the show, and we chatted about music, the web, and Dr. Demento.
photo by Chris Barclay

Saturday, September 13, 1997: Columbus, IN

(Sandy) Pinkard & (Richard) Bowden showed up at The Commons Mall in Columbus, IN (home of station WINN, who USED to carry Dr. D's show). After the show, they were delighted to sign my records.
photo by Jay Scott

Friday, July 18, 1997: Nashville, IN

Sheb Wooley gave a concert performance at Ski World, a few miles east of where I live. I greeted him after the show, and we talked briefly about some of his records, and his tour with Dr. Demento in 1991.

Saturday, July 5, 1997: Indianapolis, IN

Dr. Demento attended InConjunction XVII (a science fiction convention), where he gave a talk, played some records and videos, DJed a dance, and participated in a panel discussion.

Here, I feel the power for a brief moment as he and I trade hats.

The Great Luke Ski was also there, and here he is giving his impersonation of The Great Cornholio.

Tuesday, October 22, 1996: Terre Haute, IN

Al & the band gave a concert this night on the Indiana State University campus (NOT Indiana University). Since his birthday was the next day, the audience sang "Happy Birthday" to him at the end of the performance.
After the show, I presented him with a birthday present. I think he liked it, but he was really enthralled by the packaging.

Here's what he later had to say about the encounter.

pictures by Dustin Jablonski; thanks to Julie Prather and Robert F. Haas for the sound clip

March 12, 1951: Louisville, KY

OK, I admit, I am not in this picture. But my great uncle is. This is Spike Jones conducting the WHAS AM 840 house band. Spike is on the left, toilet plunger in hand. Earl Neal (my uncle) is the second from the right, playing electric guitar with a big grin on his face.
photo courtesy of Jack Crutcher; date of picture courtesy of Ted Hering

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