Demented Record Covers and other pictures

The record covers are copyrighted by the respective companies which published the records.

Dr. Demento

The Dr. Demento Show through the eyes of a disc jockey

Dr. Demento's Basement Tapes (scanned by, except No. 2 by

Dr. D with Daws Butler (86K)
[picture courtesy Joe Bevilacqua (,]

Dr. D at the premiere of the first Star Trek movie outside Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, December, 1979 (42K)
[picture may actualy be at Star Trek Halloween space costume contest held at 10:30am Saturday, October 27, 1979, for which Dr. D was the judge]
[picture courtesy Glenn Stricker (,]

Dr. Demento's trip to Indiana (summer, 1997)

Stan Freberg

Stan's caricature in the halls of the Museum Of Broadcast Communications, Chicago, IL

Tom Lehrer

Tom in Bloomington, IN circa May, 1968, courtesy of Neil Sharrow.

I have removed the Tom Lehrer album scans from this page because they are available via the Tom Lehrer discography

"Weird Al" Yankovic

I have removed the Al cover scans from my page because they are all available from the following web site:
Pictures of most of "Weird Al"'s albums and singles along with the lyrics, courtesy of Matt Keeley (currently down)

However, I do have some great exclusive scans, graciously donated by none other than Al's one-time collaborator, Jon Iverson.


various rare demented vinyl courtesy of Chris Mezzolesta

Da Yoopers - pictures from da Tourist Trap [courtesy of Dan McDevitt]

Jeff Morris with the superstars of dementia - now you can see the dorky smile I use when I have a brush with greatness

My trip to California, March, 1998 - more pics of me looking geeky with the Demented greats

Sketches Songs And Shoes - Radio Free Vestibule (38K)
[scanned by]

back cover of above (59K)
[scanned by]

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