List Of Stations Broadcasting The Dr. Demento Show

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Last updated:  Sunday, 10 October 2010

greeting dementians, dementoids, and dementites, here it is, ANOTHER update of the infamous Radio Log. Please note the section on area codes that don't carry the doctor.



Predominantly Definite Locations

Overseas Sites

Possible Radio Sites

Cable/satellite Locations

RealAudio (RA)/ Netshow (NS) Web Sites

Possible RealAudio Sites

Other Web Sites

Area Codes with no stations broadcasting the good doctor

Stations in "hiatus"

Stations No Longer Broadcasting the Doctor

Other Dementia Shows


telephone number to contact the Dr. Demento Request Line: 562-ODD-TUNE (562-633-8863). This is a toll call, but not a 900-toll.

There was an 800/900 number for the doctor: 1-800-631-8858. This apparently is the Time/Life Comment Line, NOT a request line (i.e., they want comments about the CD collections). Not sure if TL is still selling this collection.

syndicator for the show is now:  "Talonian Productions". Many stations receive the show on a barter basis, according to the system commonly used in radio and TV syndication: the stations get the show at reduced or no cost based on the reciprocation of the advertising time. Non-comercial stations, those which carry no advertising, and stations in markets too small to have their listenership measured by Arbitron, are charged a fee for the show.

In the past, no official list was provided by the syndicators, but now Talonian has posted the official list of stations at and our listing is regularly checked against theirs.

Typically letter writing campaigns to stations have been used successfully to get the show on the playlist. An additional activity that can be done, and that really makes a difference, is to line up advertisers for the show and present the show and them to a station. The usenet newsgroup often has radio station information posted (phone #s, locations, etc.) that may help in letter writing/other campaigns.

address for Talonian Producations:  TALONIAN PRODUCTIONS (TALONIANPRODUCTIONS-DOM), P.O. BOX 545, SEAL BEACH, CA 90740.

for those who want more information on Dr. Demento, updated copies of this log, etc., there are many ways to access this subject on the net currently.

1) for those with world-wide web:

2) the radio log is posted semi-monthly to

3) there is also a coverage map for stations that carry the show at

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there is now a section on overseas dementia (american/armed forces network) locations. enjoy and many thanx to harald for the info!

the Radio Log is in no way affiliated with any syndicators or etc. it always has and always will remain of, by and for the demented souls out there. We now also add a statement that the only usage of this log is for listeners enjoyment (i.e., NOT FOR PROFIT). Please do not abuse the charity of all the hackers who have helped assemble this list. It has been assembled by information provided by you, the internet surfer, and you only. Thanx.