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approved by Dr. DementoWelcome to the only official Dr. Demento playlist archive! This is your source for details about everything played on "The Dr. Demento Show" from 1970 to today. It has been assembled by the show's historian with Dr. Demento's permission and assistance. It is constantly being researched and updated. (Other playlist archives use outdated and inaccurate information taken from this archive without permission.)
Dr. Demento also has a site where you can listen to shows (past and present), order CDs and other merchandise, join the Demento Society, or become an online club member and chat directly with Dr. D! Please visit for all the details.

But as long as you're here, why not peruse our wealth of information?

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  • Here's what the press has to say about this site: "I've seen some pointless information on the Web before, but the Dr. Demento page takes the cake." - Deb Richardson, The Net, volume 2, issue 12 (May, 1997)
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