No complete tape of this show has been found in the Demento Archives. If you have a copy, please let me know!

playlist courtesy of The Dr. Demento Show

The Dr. Demento Show (live on KMET) - May 5, 1974 (6p-10p)

Special Topic: some of the great entries from the Pico And Sepulveda contest of a year ago
Johnny's Got A Yo Yo - Ruth Wallis

Don't Jump Off The Roof Dad - Tommy Cooper
Rats In My Room - Leona Anderson
Rutabaga Boogie - Paul Shelasky & His Musical Zombies

Oregon Trail (excerpt) - Ozzie Nelson
Cool Water - Sons Of The Pioneers
Cookies, Pie And Cake - Yogi Yorgesson
Grow, Mrs. Goldfarb - Allan Sherman

Please, Mr. Custer - Larry Verne
Hokum Smokum - The Record Boys
Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette) - Tex Williams
Cigarette Blues - Bo Carter
With Men Who Know Tobacco Best, It's Women Two To One - Tex Williams
Holiday For Strings - Spike Jones & His City Slickers

Wurzel Fudge - Ian Whitcomb
Pancho Lopez - Lalo Guerrero
In Russia - The Roto Rooter Good Time Christmas Band
D-O-D-G-E-R-S - Danny Kaye

Snootful Of Snow - Allen & Grier
Nixon's The One - Kathryn & Duffy & The Enemies List

The Drunkard Song - Rudy Vallee
How Fights Start In Saloons - Cyril Smith
Weather Forecast - The Master Singers
William Tell Overture - Spike Jones & His City Slickers

I'm Gonna Bring A Watermelon To My Girl Tonight - Billy Jones & Ernest Hare
Sarah Jane - Jazz Gillum
Your Feet's Too Big - Fats Waller

Dr. Demento theme - The Persuasions
Two Black Crows (Part 4) - Moran & Mack
I'm Against It - Groucho Marx
Pomona The Deer - Dwight Fiske
I Like A Fun'ral - Michael Brown

Transfusion - Nervous Norvus
The Thing - Phil Harris
What Is The Thing - Ziggy Talent
Choon Gum - Dean Martin
I Like Stinky Cheese - Two Ton Baker
Pollution - Tom Lehrer

There's A Freeway Coming Through Our Outhouse - Billy Edd Wheeler

Dr. Hackenbush - Groucho Marx
Witch Doctor - David Seville
Think You Need A Shot - Walter Davis

I've Never Seen A Straight Banana - Waring's Pennsylvanians
If You're A Viper - Kweskin Jug Band
Viper Mad - Sidney Bechet
Spanish Weed - Don Bowman

Sweet Violets - Sweet Violet Boys
Sweet Violets No. 2 - Sweet Violet Boys
Sweet Violets No. 3 - Sweet Violet Boys

George - Dolores Hawkins
Do Something - Helen Kane
Let's Do It - Lee Morse
Peter Lillie Daisy - Bruz Fletcher

Pinto Pony - Oscar Brand
Buckin' Broncho - Girls Of The Golden West
The Wild West Is Where I Want To Be - Tom Lehrer

Pico And Sepulveda - Robert Woolsey (1st prize)
Dr. Demento jingle
Pico And Sepulveda story - Bob Mitchell
Pico And Sepulveda (in the shower) - Bob Hermansen
Pico And Sepulveda (on the piano) - James Kranyak
Pico And Sepulveda (stereo gargles) - Todd Yohlis & Jeff Greenberg
Pico And Sepulveda (The Street Song) - Felix Figueroa & His Orchestra

#10 Laura - Spike Jones & His Other Orchestra
#9 It's In The Book (Part 2) - Johnny Standley
EXTRA: Your Baby Has Gone Down The Plug 'Ole - Ian Whitcomb

#8 The Ballad Of Ben Gay - Ben Gay & The Silly Savages
#7 Ain't We Crazy - Haywire Mac
#6 Who's On First - Abbott & Costello
#5 I Owe A Lot To Iowa Pot - Jerry Samuels
#4 The Ballad Of Bilbo Baggins - Leonard Nimoy

#3 Shaving Cream - Paul Wynn
EXTRA: Red Light, Green Light - Engineer Bill
#2 Bounce Your Boobies - Rusty Warren
#1 The Ballad Of Irving - Frank Gallop
CLOSING: The Chicken Song - Hendra & Ullett