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The Dr. Demento Show #48 - June 1, 1975

The Ballad Of Irving ("schlepping" version) - Frank Gallop
Give Me That Old Unemployment - Steve Karmen
The Bum Song - Haywire Mac
Ain't Got No Home - Clarence Henry "Frog Man"

Huggin' And Chalkin' - Bob Scobey's Frisco Band f/ Clancy Hayes
Serenade To A Maid - Teddy Powell & His Orchestra
Sarah Jane - The Tune Wranglers

New Math (w/ intro) - Tom Lehrer

I'm A Specialist - Frank Crumit
My Handy Man - Ethel Waters
At The Codfish Ball - Shirley Temple
The Ying Tong Song - The Goons

The Intro And The Outro - The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band
Lonesome Loverboy - Yogi Yorgesson
I'm The Last Of The Red-Hot Mamas - Sophie Tucker

Deteriorata - National Lampoon

The Bumble Bee Invaded A Nudist Colony - Billy Mitchell
A Clean Song - Oscar Brand
This Old Car - Pete Seeger
Bishop On The Landing - Monty Python

#10 Leader Of The Laundromat - The Detergents
#9 Japanese Banana - David Seville & The Chipmunks

#8 Boogie - John Hartford
Boogie (brief in-studio performance) - Jungle Judy
EXTRA: Motherly Love - The Mothers Of Invention
#7 Friendly Neighborhood Narco Agent - Jef Jaisun

#6 I Want My Baby Back - Jimmy Cross
,yawA eM ekaT oT gnimoC er'yehT !aaaH-aH (background only) - noelopaN VIX
#5 They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! - Napoleon XIV
#4 You Know My Name (Look Up The Number) - The Beatles

#3 Spam - Monty Python
#2 The Masochism Tango (orchestral version) - Tom Lehrer
EXTRA: Memories Of Manhattan Furniture Store (Ed Barbara) - Big Daddy

#1 Who's On First (slightly edited) - Abbott & Costello