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The Dr. Demento Show #85-46 - November 17, 1985

Special Topic: 15th Anniversary Show

Anniversary Song - Barnes & Barnes w/ "Weird Al" Yankovic
Pico & Sepulveda (excerpt) - Felix Figueroa
Show Opening - February 13, 1972
How's Your Bird? (excerpt) - Baby Ray & the Ferns
Interview with Frank Zappa, 1972

March of the Cuckoos - The Roto Rooter Goodtime Christmas Band
Interview with Doodles Weaver, 1974
William Tell Overture - Spike Jones & His City Slickers
Shaving Cream [1946] - Paul Wynn [Benny Bell & Phil Winston]
Do, Do Something (excerpt) - Helen Kane
Interview with Bette Midler, 1977

Junk Food Junkie (live in studio from show #91, 1976) - Larry Groce
Interview with Larry Groce, 1976
Waffle Whiffer - Brad Stanfield
Belvedere Cruisin' (minus intro) - Alfred Yankovic
Interview with Jethro Burns, 1977
Pal-Yat-Chee - Spike Jones & His City Slickers w/ Homer & Jethro

Interview with Mel Blanc, 1979
I Taut I Taw A Puddy Tat (excerpt) - Mel Blanc
Friendly Neighborhood Narco Agent - Jef Jaisun
St. George And The Dragonet (excerpt) - Stan Freberg
Interview with Stan Freberg, 1980

Interview with Graham Chapman of Monty Python, 1980
Stardrek - Bobby Pickett & Peter Ferrara
Interview with George Carlin, 1981

Conversation with "Weird Al" Yankovic and Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz, 1985
Another One Rides The Bus - "Weird Al" Yankovic
Interview with Cheech Marin & Tommy Chong
Springtime for Hitler (excerpt) - Mel Brooks
Interview with Mel Brooks, 1982

The All-Time Funny Five:

#5 The Ballad of Irving - Frank Gallop
#4 Pencil Neck Geek - Fred Blassie

#3 Fish Heads - Barnes & Barnes
#2 They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! - Napoleon XIV

#1 Dead Puppies - Ogden Edsl Wahalia Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizzario Band
#1 Eat It - "Weird Al" Yankovic (#1 artist)
Presentation of Waffle Iron by "Weird Al" Yankovic
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