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The Dr. Demento Show #87-16 - April 19, 1987

Special Topic: Monty Python

Lumberjack Song (Live At Drury Lane) - Monty Python
Everything That's Made Of Wood (Was Once A Tree) - Louis Jordan
Cigareetes, Whuskey, And Wild, Wild Women - Red Ingle & The Natural Seven
Coffee - Rob Grayson

Transfusion - Nervous Norvus
Buckle Up Baby (edit) - Steven Banks
I Want My Baby Back - Jimmy Cross
I Want A New Duck - "Weird Al" Yankovic
There's A New Sound - Tony Burrello

Bury Me In My Shades - Shel Silverstein
New Generation - The Washington Squares
I'm In Love With A Big Blue Frog - Peter, Paul & Mary
Aba Daba Honeymoon - Willie Solar

Hooray, Hooray, I'm Going Away - Beatrice Kay
Demented (excerpt) - Rotating Razor Heds
Marching Off To Bedlam - Napoleon XIV
Lobotomy Don't Bother Me - Strapped
I'm A Nut - Leroy Pullins

Pet Shop - Monty Python
Buying A Bed - Monty Python
Still No Sign Of Land (early fade) - Monty Python

Spam - Monty Python
Argument Clinic - Monty Python
Fish License/Eric The Half-A-Bee - Monty Python
Miss Anne Elk - Monty Python

#5 Living With A Hernia - "Weird Al" Yankovic
#4 Life Sucks, Then You Die (w/ intro) - The Fools

#3 Let's Blow Up The Tow Truck - Krypton
#2 Polka Dot Undies - Bowser & Blue
EXTRA: Never Bite A Married Woman On The Thigh (Inside Folk Songs version) - Shel Silverstein
AUDIO TORTURE CHAMBER: Also Sprach Zarathustra - Portsmouth Sinfonia

#1 Vanna, Pick Me A Letter - Dr. Dave

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