Tom Lehrer Discography

A list of records and other media by or relating to Thomas Andrew Lehrer

May 1993, August 1994, April 1995, August 1995, December 1995, January 1996, July 1998, January 2000, June 2001, February/March 2005, October 2005, April 2010, etc.
by Jeff Morris; thanks to Brian Leibowitz, Warren Debenham, Brian Korn, Adam Rubin, Kevin, Aaron, Russ Josephson, and Jeff Ehrlich for some additional information, and special thanks to Tom Lehrer for numerous additions, updates, comments, miscellaneous information, and pictures of record covers.
All records are 12" LP's issued in the U.S. unless otherwise specified. If two catalog numbers are listed for a record, the first is mono and the second is stereo.

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Songs by Tom Lehrer

Trans Radio 10" LP TR 740, March 1953 [mono only]; reissued as Lehrer Records 10" LP TLP-1, 1953 [mono only]

Tom's first LP, recorded on his own on January 22, 1953, at Trans Radio studios in Boston. He paid $15 to get it cut and $700 to get it pressed up on 400 10" LP's. There were eventually a few hundred thousand copies made. The original pressings had his street address on the back cover. It was repressed many times and subsequent pressings show his post office box instead. Original and some subsequent pressings were on the Trans Radio label, but most were on the Lehrer Records label. The liner notes of earlier pressings mention that he has attended Harvard for many years, but later pressings say he attended there until June 1953.

The Tom Lehrer Songbook

Introduction by Al Capp, Illustrated by Grisha Dotzenko - Crown Publishers, Inc., 1954

The original hardback songbook, containing all songs from the first LP (above) except "Lobachevsky", and also containing "A Christmas Carol", which did not appear on record until five years later.

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Songs By Tom Lehrer

Lehrer Records double 7" 45rpm EP set TLEP-1, 1955

This set contains the same songs as the Songs By Tom Lehrer LP, with the first three songs from side 1 of the LP on side 1 of the first EP, the second three songs from side 1 of the LP on side 2 of the first EP, etc. It was issued because back in those days there was debate over which was the better format, the EP or the LP, so Tom wanted to cover both markets. Approximately 11,000 copies of the EP version were sold.

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Songs By Tom Lehrer

Decca Records 10" LP (U.K.) LF/LFT 1311, 1958 [mono only]

The British release of Tom's first LP, with a different cover.

Songs by Tom Lehrer

Lehrer Records TL 101, 1959 [mono only]

Same tracks as previous release of this title, but 12" in diameter, to coincide with the release of two new albums (see below) in 12" format. Although no pressings of this title are stereo (or fake stereo), some copies of the 12" jacket contain a small version of the Lehrer Records stereo symbol at the top (but not the word "stereo"). The copies with this symbol were pressed in 1960 or later as they also advertise the availability of Tom Lehrer Revisited. Over 100,000 copies of this version were sold.

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More of Tom Lehrer

Lehrer Records TL-102/102S, October 1959

also: Decca Records 10" LP (U.K.) LF/LFT 1323, 1959 [mono only]

After making a live recording in March, Tom decided that some people might prefer a studio recording similar to his first album. So, he recorded this album on July 8, 1959, and decided to issue both the live and studio versions at the same time. The studio version didn't have the spoken intros or applause, so it was significantly shorter, and priced less. However, over the years, the live version (below) became the definitive version of these songs.

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An Evening Wasted with Tom Lehrer

Lehrer Records TL-202/202S, October 1959

also: Decca Records (U.K.) LK 4332/SKL 4097, 1960

Same track listing as previous record, but a live recording including spoken introductions not found on the studio version. It was recorded in Sanders Theater at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, on March 20 & 21, 1959. The cover photograph was taken at The Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, OH, on April 4, 1959. (The reason for this was that Tom hadn't thought about the cover at the time of the recording, so once he realized he needed a picture, the next concert was the Cleveland one.)

Songs By Tom Lehrer (Australian EP)

Decca Records DFEA 7507, 1960 [mono only]

The Victoria and Queensland states in Australia objected to three of the songs on the Songs By LP and refused to sell it, so this EP was made of songs that weren't objectionable.

Tom Lehrer Revisited

Lehrer Records TL-201, November 1960 [mono only]

A live recording of the songs on Songs By Tom Lehrer. Side 1 was recorded live on November 23 & 24, 1959, in Kresge Auditorium at MIT in Cambridge, MA. Side 2 was recorded live at two concerts during Tom's tour of Australia in spring, 1960 - March 21 in Melbourne and May 4 in Sydney. The cover photograph was taken at Royal Festival Hall in London, England, after his performance there on June 29, 1960. The people in the audience are Jack Phipps, who worked for Ian Hunter (Tom's booking agent in England, not the actor), and a friend of his.

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Tom Lehrer Revisited

Decca Records (U.K.) LK 4375, 1960 [mono only]

The recordings Tom had made in Australia were of a lower technical quality than those made at MIT for this album, due in part to a possibly drunk engineer. Decca Records declined releasing the Australian recordings, so this album was assembled completely from the November, 1959, MIT concert. The songs and intros on this album that are also on side 1 of the American issue are the same recordings.

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Tom Lehrer Discovers Australia (And Vice Versa)

Decca Records LKA 7505, 1960 [mono only?]

This album was released only in Australia, as far as I know. It is the equivalent of Tom Lehrer Revisited except that all of the performances were recorded in Australia. Half of these peformances were included on side 2 of the American issue of Revisited (on Lehrer Records).

[A-side label] [B-side label]
[B-side sleeve and record]

"Poisoning Pigeons in the Park"/"The Masochism Tango"

45 single, 1960 [mono only; new recordings with orchestra conducted by Richard Hayman]

U.S.: Capricorn Records C-451

U.K.: Decca Records 45F-11243

"The Hunting Song"

"We Will All Go Together When We Go"

Orchestral versions of these songs, from the same sessions as the above single (January 21, 1960). Tom gave Dr. Demento copies of these during an interview in fall, 1991, and Dr. Demento has played them on his show several times. Both are in mono.

"The Hunting Song" was eventually released on Dr. Demento's 25th Anniversary Collection, and both tracks were included, along with the previous two orchestral tracks, on Songs & More Songs By Tom Lehrer. However, the version of the latter on this and subsequent CD releases omits the cornet overdub and tympani ending which were added after the original session. The mix containing those was only heard on The Dr. Demento Show during 1991-1992.

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That Was the Year That Was

Reprise Records R/RS 6179, 1965; also released on 8-track 8RM 6179

also: Pye/Reprise Records (U.K.) R 6179, 1965 [mono only?]

Recorded live at the hungry i nightclub in San Francisco, CA, over five nights in July, 1965. Nine of these songs were written for the NBC television series "That Was The Week That Was" a/k/a "TW3", and were used in the series at one time or another (as were some of his older songs). Songs which were NOT part of "TW3" are indicated below by an asterisk following the title.

That Was The Year That Was

Reprise Records PRO 218 promo 7" EP, 1965 [mono only]

Interview on WTBS, the MIT radio station (now known as WMBR)

October 20, 1965, promoting the That Was The Year That Was album.

The interview was aired but has not been released on record, but thanks to WMBR can be heard via the links below. Some of the songs played during the interview were:

Voices Of Vista

Vista No. 33 GXTV 220039, 220040, c1965

This record was made to promote VISTA (Volunteers In Service To America), an organization of people who would dedicate one year of their life to working in areas of America that could use their help.

Side one of this record has an interview with Tom done by Willis Connover. It also contains some songs from his That Was The Year That Was LP: "Pollution", "New Math", and "MLF Lullaby".

Side two of the record has a similar show with The Brandywines, Clark Terry, and The Lovin' Spoonful as the guests.

[front cover] [first page]

That Was The Year That Was words and music by Tom Lehrer

piano transcriptions by Frank Metis - Maelstrom Inc.; Cimino Publications Inc.

A folio of songs from the That Was The Year That Was album. Note that this contains "Whatever Became Of Hubert?", which does not appear in the Too Many Songs By Tom Lehrer book (see below). [A-side sleeve and record] [B-side sleeve and record]

An Evening Wasted With Tom Lehrer

Reprise Records PRO 224 promo 7" EP, 1966 [mono only]

[front cover] [back cover]

An Evening Wasted with Tom Lehrer

Reprise Records R/RS 6199, 1966; also possibly released on 8-track 8RM 6199

Same recording as previous release of this title. Apparently it was originally only issued in mono, but stereo copies were later pressed in fake stereo created by adding echo to the mono mix. The reason for all of that is that Tom did some minor editing to the master (mainly reducing the amount of applause) before its re-release. He must've edited the mono master, and Warner Bros. were too lazy to also edit the stereo master, so they just made the mono master into a stereo one. Fake stereo was sort of big at that time, and wasn't looked upon with as much disdain as it is today.

Songs By Tom Lehrer

Reprise Records PRO 241 promo 7" EP, 1966 [mono only]

[front cover] [back cover]

Songs by Tom Lehrer

Reprise Records R/RS 6216, 1966; also released on 8-track 8RM 6216 and reel-to-reel RS 6216

Due to the success of the That Was The Year That Was album (a top 20 album on Billboard), Warner/Reprise decided to reissue Tom's older works. First they reissued the Evening Wasted album (see above). They wanted to release the original classic Songs By Tom Lehrer album, but were not satisfied with the technical quality of it, so Tom came into the studio to re-record it in stereo. In the process, he also noticeably changed some of the lyrics. He later regretted changing them, and changed them back for subsequent projects. (See the lyric variations page for details on this.)

The 8-track release was called Tom Lehrer Songs and featured a different running order, as well as shortened or incorrect titles for several songs (as was typical of 8-track releases):

The Frost Report

TV show in England featuring David Frost, 1966

Tom sang several songs on this show. He flew over one weeked and recorded all of his performances at once, but they were dropped in at various points over the dozen or so episodes of the show. (He was teaching at three universities at the time, so couldn't devote much more time than that to this project.) He did songs from his records, changing some of the words (see the lyric variations page for a different version of "It Makes A Fellow Proud To Be A Soldier"), and also some other songs which aren't available anywhere. One of these, which he wrote on his way over, was a variation on "New Math" that was about England's recent conversion to decimal coinage. Another was an update to a Johnny Mercer/Robert Emmett Dolan song called "Politics" from the Broadway show "Texas Li'l Darlin'". The latter was written with Herbert Kretzmer, later the translator for "Les Miserables".

Tom Lehrer's Second Song Book


Similar to the That Was The Year That Was folio (see above), but with a few songs from An Evening Wasted added in. Once again, this contains "Whatever Became Of Hubert?" which is not in the currently-available songbook Too Many Songs (see below).

Tom Lehrer Sings Pollution

A film of "Pollution", featuring a cartoon of a bird playing a piano at a dump, combined with real scenes of industrial excess from across America, was made in 1966 & 1967 by Astrafilms for the U.S. Communicable Disease Center (not the Environmental Protection Agency as previously reported). The first cut in 1966 featured the live recording of "Pollution" from the LP, but this version of the film was not used. It was then redone in 1967, using more drastic scenes to really drive home the message. Tom and the producers agreed that it would be better to use a studio recording of the song without the audience, so he re-recorded it for the second version. It was then distributed by the National Medical Audio-Visual Center.


another animated film of "Pollution" was produced around 1969 by James Conrad and some other students at the University of Southern California for the School Of Performing Arts, Division Of Cinema, Animation Workshop Project. This film was later shown on Carol Burnett's show.

"Pollution"/"Who's Next?"

Reprise Records 45 single 0862, circa October, 1969 [mono only]

The Electric Company

Warner Brothers BS 2636, 1972

Tom wrote ten songs used for the PBS children's program "The Electric Company" in the early 70's. Four of them ("Silent E", "L-Y", "The Hound Song", and "Snore, Sniff, and Sneeze") were recorded with Tom singing, and the rest were sung by others. The others that Tom wrote were "Why Not Fight?" (a/k/a "The Fight Song"), "N'T", "The Menu Song", "Without An S", "Finch and Dench", and "The Mumble Song". He also wrote an eleventh, "Why Must You Whine?", which was not used on the show. This record contains his recording of "Silent E".

This was issued in a deluxe package including a magazine, elaborate artwork, and a dial that turns.

Electric Company 7" EP

Warner Brothers PRO 549, 1972

Contains "Silent E" by Tom, and also "Fight Song" by Entire Cast, which was written by Tom. (Contains 12 tracks total.)

[front cover] [back cover]

The Electric Company

Sesame Street CTW 22052, 1970's

Budget re-release of Warner Brothers BS 2636 without special packaging.

Warner Bros. Records Twentieth Anniversary Album in Sound and Picture

Warner Bros. promo, PRO-A-775

Six-LP box set containing "Pollution". Three thousand copies made.

[front cover] [back cover]

Tomfoolery Original London Cast Revue

(Robin Ray, Jonathan Adams, Martin Connor, Tricia George) - MMT LP001, 1980 [stereo only]

The original cast recording of the Tomfoolery Revue, which started in London in 1980, the brainchild of British producer Cameron Mackintosh. The revue includes one song of Tom's that he never released, "I Got It From Agnes". He used to perform it in nightclubs in the 50's, at which time it was called "I Got It From Sally". He didn't perform it in concert or release it because he felt it was too naughty at the time and didn't want to be associated with that type of song. He revised it for this revue, making it even naughtier, but now says that its innocence borders on naivete.

[front cover] [back cover]

Alberta Theatre Projects and Arts Club Theatre, Vancouver present Tomfoolery

(Deirdre Van Winkle, Grant Cowan, Vince Metcalfe, Jack Northmore) - Alberta Theatre Projects ATP 261258, 1981 [stereo]

The original Canadian cast recording. [front cover] [back cover]

That Was "That Was the Week That Was"

Radiola Records, LMR-1123, 1981 [mono only]

This is a compilation of highlights of the "TW3" show for which Tom wrote several songs, but on which he did NOT perform. The show ran on NBC from January 10, 1964 to May 4, 1965. Five of his songs are included here. The record lists "with (among others) David Frost, Nancy Ames, Henry Morgan, Woody Allen, Steve Allen, Alan [sic] Sherman, Buck Henry, Dick Noel, Elliot Reid, the songs of Tom Lehrer, Pat Englund, Phyllis Newman, Bob Dishy, Mort Sahl, Jerry Damon announcing."

The record does not give a track listing, but here is approximately what is on it.

[front cover] [back cover]

Too Many Songs By Tom Lehrer with not enough drawings by Ronald Searle

Pantheon Books hardcover and softcover, 1981

Songbook containing piano arrangements for all but six of the songs from Tom's three main LP's, plus a few extras. It was issued to accompany the Tomfoolery stage revue, and contains all of the songs originally in that. Tom says the reason it didn't include every single song was simply space concerns. "We put in everything from Tomfoolery, and anything after that was a bonus."

Part One: From Songs by Tom Lehrer

Part Two: From An Evening Wasted with Tom Lehrer Part Three: From That Was the Year That Was, etc.

boxed set of 3 LP's issued in Norway through a book club

SEPL 1-3 - circa 1982

contains the following LP's:

Dr. Demento's Demented Christmas Picks

Westwood One promo disc, 1982

contains "A Christmas Carol" [from Lehrer TL-202S, w/o intro]

Dr. Demento Presents the Greatest Novelty Records of All Time, Volume II: The 1950's

Rhino LP/cassette 821, 1985

contains "The Masochism Tango" [from Capricorn C-451]

Dr. Demento Presents the Greatest Novelty Records of All Time, Volume III: The 1960's

Rhino LP/cassette 822, 1985

contains "So Long, Mom (A Song for World War III)" [from Reprise RS-6179, w/o intro]

Dr. Demento Presents the Greatest Novelty Records of All Time, Volume VI: Christmas

Rhino LP/cassette 825, 1985

contains "A Christmas Carol" [from TL-202S, w/o intro]

Dr. Demento Presents the Greatest Novelty CD of All Time

Rhino Records CD, 75768, 1988

contains "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park" [from Capricorn C-451]

Dr. Demento Presents the Greatest Christmas Novelty CD of All Time

Rhino Records CD, 75755, 1989

contains "A Christmas Carol" [from Lehrer TL-202, w/o intro]

[front cover] [back cover]

That Was the Year that Was

Reprise CD 6179, April 12, 1990

CD release of Reprise LP RS-6179

[front cover] [back cover]

An Evening Wasted with Tom Lehrer

Reprise CD 6199, April 12, 1990

CD release of Reprise LP RS-6199
The original issue of this CD used the same fake stereo mix as the 1966 issue of the LP. Tom was wholly unaware that a fake stereo mix ever existed until Dr. Demento pointed it out to him around 1991. After several complaints to Warner Bros. from Tom, they remastered the CD into true mono. This is better than the fake stereo mix, but it's too bad they didn't use the true stereo mix.

The two versions of the CD look the same from the outside, but the remastered mono one says "RE-1" on the inner ring of the CD itself.

[front cover] [back cover]

Tom Lehrer Revisited

Reprise CD 26203, May 2, 1990

CD release of Decca LP LK 4375; includes bonus tracks "Silent E" and "L-Y" (recorded May 28, 1971, and December 14, 1972) from "The Electric Company" TV show, with orchestra conducted by Joe Raposo. Both of these are mono (as is the entire CD), even though "Silent E" had previously been released in stereo on the Electric Company album. "L-Y" was unreleased before this CD.

Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection

Rhino Records, 70743, May 21, 1991

Disc Two of this 2-CD set contains "Masochism Tango" and "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park" [both from Capricorn C-451]

Interview on The Dr. Demento Show

Westwood One Radio Networks, recorded fall, 1991.

It was aired over three weeks. The first two weeks, it took up 2 segments (approx. 15 minutes each), and the final week it took up one segment. Here are the songs played during the interview:

The Dr. Demento Show #91-46, for broadcast the week of Nov. 11-17, 1991

Tom Lehrer interview (Part 1A) including: Tom Lehrer interview (Part 1B) including:

The Dr. Demento Show #91-47, for broadcast the week of Nov. 18-24, 1991

Tom Lehrer interview (Part 2A) including: Tom Lehrer interview (Part 2B) including:

The Dr. Demento Show #91-48, for broadcast the week of Nov. 25-Dec. 1, 1991

Tom Lehrer interview (Part 3) including: [front cover] [back cover]

That Was "That Was the Week That Was"

Radiola Records, CDMR-1123, 1993

CD release of LMR-1123

Christmas Comedy Classics - Vol. 2

Priority 53682, 1993

CD containing "A Christmas Carol".

"That's Mathematics"

recorded November 2, 1993, to be played over the credits of a videotape by the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute.

The videotape was about the Fermat Fest, which was held in San Francisco on July 28, 1993, and is available from MSRI.

This song was first aired on The Dr. Demento Show on the June 25, 1995 syndicated show (#95-26, syndicated by On The Radio Productions). On this show, Dr. D says it was recorded October 22, 1993, but it's not clear where the two different recording dates originated.

It appeared at the end of 1995 on Dr. Demento's Basement Tapes Vol. 4 (see below). The version used by Dr. Demento (and on all subsequent releases) is take 4 from the session, while the videotape used take 3 (with a slight vocal flub on "If you could count for a year...") against Tom's wishes.

[front cover] [back cover]

[back cover of booklet]

Tom Lehrer In Concert

Eclipse 844 241-2 (Decca U.K. subsidiary), October 10, 1994

This European CD features the complete versions of Decca LP's SKL 4097 and LK 4375, minus the introduction track from the latter. This means that it has the unedited and true stereo version of An Evening Wasted With Tom Lehrer, which was previously unavailable on CD, and which has not been available at all in the U.S. since around 1965. The version of Tom Lehrer Revisited included here is the same as that on Reprise CD 26203.

As far as I know, this is the only Tom Lehrer release to feature an actual photograph of him on the cover which shows his face. This fact would lead one to assume that Tom was not involved with its release. In fact, this is true: Tom didn't know about the CD until he started getting royalty checks for it.

The American Comedy Box

Rhino Records promo, PRCD 7131, 1995

Promo for the set below. Contains "Pollution" from Reprise RS 6179.

The American Comedy Box 1915-1994: But Seriously...

Rhino Records, 71617, 1995

The first disc of this 4-CD set contains "Pollution" from Reprise RS 6179 under the "Musical Comedy" section.

Dr. Demento's 25th Anniversary Collection

Rhino Records, 72124, August 22, 1995

Disc Two of this 2-CD set contains the previously unreleased orchestral version of "The Hunting Song".

Dr. Demento's Basement Tapes No. 4

The Demento Society, 1995

Contains "That's Mathematics". Different take from that used on the MSRI videotape (see above). The version on this disc is the same as the version used on the show prior to this, except that this version is stereo.

[front cover] [back cover]

Songs & More Songs By Tom Lehrer

Rhino Records, 72776, May 6, 1997

This release contains his two original studio albums, Songs By Tom Lehrer and More Of Tom Lehrer. These are the original Lehrer Records versions. Unfortunately, More Of is the mono version instead of the stereo, but there is no explanation for why this is. (When I contacted Rhino in 1997, they told me no true stereo mix existed, which is false. When I visited Tom in Cambridge in 2011, and then discussed this release with Bill Inglot, I found out what happened was Tom simply sent them the mono tapes by happenstance, and they worked with what they got rather than asking if stereo tapes existed. I also found that they worked with a 1959 dub of the first album rather than the 1953 original tape, again because that's what Tom happened to send them.) Also included are the following bonus tracks: The final two tracks were released here for the first time. The sound quality on "The Hunting Song" is significantly better on this disc than on Dr. Demento's 25th Anniversary Collection. "I Got it From Agnes" is a new recording done October 8, 1996.

[front cover] [back cover]

[front cover of book]

The Remains Of Tom Lehrer

Rhino Records, 79831, May 23, 2000

Three-CD box set containing the majority of Tom's recorded output, including studio and live recordings. The main omissions that keep this from being complete are the absense of the Tom Lehrer Discovers Australia (And Vice Versa) album and the Reprise re-recording of Songs By Tom Lehrer. (These were no doubt omitted at Tom's request, since he has stated that he isn't happy with either of these.) Also missing is "Trees", a song recorded in 1999 for this box set, and issued on advance promo cassettes, but later pulled from the released set.

Only the last five tracks on the third disc are previously unreleased. Everything else is not only previously released, but already released on CD (i.e. the British version of Revisited is used). However, this is the U.S. CD debut of the true stereo version of An Evening Wasted With Tom Lehrer (though More Of is still in mono), as well as the CD debut of the stereo version of "Silent E". "That's Mathematics" had previously appeared on Dr. Demento's Basement Tapes No. 4, but this version has the verse about Andrew Wiles edited out, and a new note recorded to bridge the gap where the edit is.

[front cover] [back cover]

Disc 1: Studio Recordings With Piano

[front cover] [back cover]

Disc 2: Live Performances

[front cover] [back cover]

Disc 3: More Live Performances + Studio Recordings With Orchestra

Tom Lehrer's The Elements

Retiarius Laboratories DVD, August 15, 2004

an animated version of "The Elements" by James A. Woods, which gradually fills in the Periodic Table as each one is mentioned; was in development since circa 1996

The Tom Lehrer Collection

Shout Factory, 826663-11823, April 13, 2010

CD compilation of some of his best-known work, all previously on The Remains Of Tom Lehrer. The first 15 tracks are live versions, the next 9 are 1971-1999 recordings, and the last 2 are the 1960 orchestral recordings.

The DVD contains a recently discovered TV program from Oslo, Norway, and additional bonus material. Only the Cameron Mackintosh and some of The Electric Company material had ever been released before, with the former being the only released video of Tom Lehrer in performance prior to this set.




Jack Eljan Sings Tom Lehrer's Song Satires

10" LP, 1954? [mono only]

A cover of the entire Songs By Tom Lehrer LP. This came out in the mid-50's when Tom's LP was a bit hard-to-find. The singer's real name was Jack Nagle. He didn't use his real name because he was a bit embarrassed doing the record, feeling it was beneath him.

The track listing is the same as for the double EP set below. The LP has the tracks from sides 1 & 2 of the double EP on side 1, and the tracks from sides 3 & 4 of the double EP on side 2.

Jack Eljan Sings Tom Lehrer's Song Satires

Rivoli EP-R 4 double red vinyl 7" EP set, 1955? [mono only]

Sides 1 & 3 are on one record, and sides 2 & 4 are on another.

Gazette - Pete Seeger

Folkways FN 2501, 1958 [mono only?]

includes a cover of "The Wild West Is Where I Want To Be"

[front cover] [back cover]

Tom Lehrer's Song Satires - Jack Eljan

Audio Masterpiece LPA 230, 1960? [mono only]

Reissue of the 10" LP on 12", after 10" LP's had gone out of style.

Upside Don - Don Paulin

Horizon/Vee Jay WP 1625, circa mid 60s?

includes a cover of "In Old Mexico" (listed as "Fiesta Time")

Stan Boreson & Doug Setterberg Yust Go Country and Western

Golden Crest CR 31022, circa early 70's

includes a cover of "The Hunting Song"

foreign translations

A woman from Argentina named Nacha Guevara has translated and recorded almost all of Tom's songs in Spanish over five or so of her albums.

"The Synagogue Rag" - Damaskas

An unreleased parody of "The Vatican Rag". It was played on The Dr. Demento Show #78-18, airing week of June 19-25, 1978.

Georgie on My Mind

The Capitol Steps CD/cassette 1008, 1990

contains "The Vatican Flag", a parody of "The Vatican Rag"

"Hello Mom" - Tom Geer

An unreleased parody of "So Long, Mom" referring to the Gulf War. It was played on The Dr. Demento Show #91-04, airing week of January 21-27, 1991.

Hot Licks & Rhetoric

ECCA Records CD 00102, 2001

contains "The New Elements", which is an updated version of "The Elements" with a different tune and new lyrics which mention Tom
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